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Maya Wiley Crossed Wires on Failure to Bring WiFi to All New Yorkers

When Maya Wiley went to work as Mayor Bill de Blasio’s legal counsel shortly after he took office in 2014, he asked her to figure out how to bridge the digital divide by bringing broadband to low-income neighborhoods.

“I thought, ‘Oh, s—t!’ I said we needed it. I didn’t know how to get it,” Wiley recalled on the Technopolis podcast posted in June 2019.

The civil rights attorney had captured de Blasio’s attention after she wrote a piece in The Nation urging him to “build more community broadband” in an effort to forge “stronger, fairer and more resilient communities.”


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Riot Games plans to bring Valorant to mobile devices

Do you happen to play Valorant? Riot Games launched the free-to-play FPS game last year for the PC and has been rather successful so far. In fact, the game now has an average of 14 million players log in every month. But that’s not the only news the company revealed.

According to Polygon, Riot Games will be making a mobile version of Valorant. Simply dubbed Valorant Mobile, the game would probably be the first mobile tactical FPS that doesn’t feature a battle royale. Allegedly, this is not meant to be a cut-down version or straight port

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Sony is planning to bring PlayStation video game franchises to mobile by March 2022

This has been a busy year for Sony‘s gaming department PlayStation. Not only coping with the PlayStation 5 demand, but it is also reported to be working on bringing some of the popular console titles to mobile soon. The plan is expected to occur by the end of the financial year in March 2022.

According to Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan, the company is beginning its journey to take PlayStation first-party IP off the console after a very successful publishing debut of Horizon Zero Dawn and Predator for PC. He also presented research suggesting

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Human-I-T expanded amid the pandemic to bring computers and internet access to families across the nation

Ruben China fills orders with the refurbished stock at Human-IT warehouse in Bell Gardens Tuesday, May 11, 2021. Photo by Thomas R. Cordova.

With the pandemic forcing school online, a harsh spotlight was shined on the digital divide, with many children in disadvantaged communities having little to no computer or internet access. Cities, school districts and organizations like Long Beach-based Human-I-T have worked toward digital inclusion but there is still a long way to go.

Founded in 2012, Human-I-T has “one solution for two problems,” according to Director of Programs AJ Middleton. The nonprofit collects electronic waste from across the

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GCI reveals landmark commitment to bring 10 gig internet speeds to Alaska, will deliver 2 gig in 2022

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GCI, Alaska’s largest telecommunications company and leader in technology and connectivity, announced today it will deliver 2 gig internet access to 77% of Alaskans in 2022 and is on track to provide 10 gig speeds in the next five years. GCI will be the first in the state, and among the first in the country, to make 2 gig widely available to customers, highlighting its commitment to expand and improve connectivity in Alaska.

GCI was among the first companies in the nation to make 1 gig service broadly available to customers

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How to work remote during vacation? Here’s the tech you should bring.

Have you been a fan of working from home over the past year?

You’re not alone.

Only 10% of employees want to return to the office post-pandemic, according to a Hibob survey, a people management platform.

Employers seem to like this flexible work environment, too. A recent PwC report found 83% of companies said the shift to remote work has been positive.

Naturally, there are exceptions on both sides – not to mention several jobs cannot be performed from home – but those who can (and enjoy it) can rely on technology to remain productive while away from a

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