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Gadget Battle: OnePlus 9 Pro Vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Which Has Better Specs?

OnePlus 9 Pro fans are understandably raving about their flagship Android phone because it’s an amazing piece of tech. If you’re considering buying it, then it’s going to feel good because you won’t go wrong. But what if you had another equally great choice?

That’s where the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra comes in, and where this edition of Gadget Battle begins. We’ll be taking a look at two top-of-the-line Android phones to see which one you should get. As always, each individual phone’s qualities will be separated into different categories.

So let’s get started!

OnePlus 9 Pro Vs. Samsung Galaxy

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The Business SEO Battle: Ranking by Numbers or Intelligence?


The Business SEO Battle: Ranking by Numbers or Intelligence?

Best practice is all about optimizing content for logical human behavior and user experience

Published: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 – 12:03

Search engine optimization (SEO) has come a long way, with continued developments, advancements, and algorithm tweaks giving business owners, brand agencies, and marketing gurus more than just a digital headache.

But traditionally, SEO has been a numbers game, with ranking positions the all-important deciding factor. However, with the purpose of the activity to reflect and cater to user behaviors, can SEO really be simplified to numerical values?


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Apple takes on the internet: the Big Tech battle over privacy

Tim Cook has a reputation for being soft-spoken and a little boring. His Twitter feed is replete with corporate platitudes. But when it comes to user privacy — “one of the top issues of the century” — he gets fired up.

In January the Apple chief executive railed against “data brokers, purveyors of fake news . . . trackers and peddlers of division . . . hucksters just looking to make a quick buck.” Cook said that if “everything in our lives can be aggregated and sold, then we lose so much more than data, we lose the freedom to

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SCOTUS says Use in Google v. Oracle Copyright Battle is Fair

In a 6–2 decision authored by Justice Breyer, the Supreme Court of the United States reversed the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s 2018 ruling that Google’s use of Oracle’s Java application programming interface (API) packages in its Android operating system did not qualify as fair use as a matter of law. Before that Federal Circuit decision could be sent back for a trial on damages for copyright infringement (where it was anticipated that Oracle would seek damages upward of $10 billion), the Supreme Court granted certiorari to consider (1) whether copyright law protects

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Gadget Battle: Samsung Galaxy F12 vs. Realme C25; A Smartphone Square Off

Samsung and Realme had both released the latest entry-level smartphone offering and these phones sure have what it takes to redefine the market.

The Realme C25 was released on Mar. 23 and the Samsung Galaxy F12, which was released on Apr. 12, may seem almost identical but both have something different to offer.

Samsung Galaxy F12 vs. Realme C25: A Quick Glance

For starters, the Samsung Galaxy F12 and Realme C25 are loaded with the latest Android 11 along with their individual UIs, namely the Samsung One UI 3.1 and the Realme UI 2.0.

Both also carry a 4GB RAM

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The Trade Desk’s battle with Google is likely to grow in 2021

Ad tech giant The Trade Desk is taking greater control over how many advertisers buy digital ads.

The firm, which primarily sells ad agencies and some brands software that automates ad buying, is battling for market share with Google and Amazon over the tech tools that advertisers use.

And it’s likely to become an even bigger digital ad player this year as marketers adapt to the death of third-party cookies that are used to target ads and rise of retail media, where retailers like Walmart and Target sell ad space on their digital properties.

Two recent moves show how The

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