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A Bad Day for this Patent Applicant: Travel Itinerary Applications Ineligible Under Section 101 | Holland & Knight LLP

In the case of In re Bongiorno, No. 2020-1835, 2021 WL 1997454, at *4 (Fed. Cir. May 19, 2021), patent applicant James Bongiorno appealed the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s (PTAB) finding that two of his patent applications were directed to patent-ineligible subject matter under Section 101. Each application related to “planning and executing a vacation or travel itinerary, and more particularly to software and a portable electronic unit, which may be dedicated to such planning and travel assistance at the destination.”

The applications explained that travelers customarily used limited-purpose devices, like the Global Positioning System (GPS), travel websites, planners,

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Five Website Design Mistakes That Can Have a Bad Impact on Your SEO Efforts

Companies need websites for an effective online presence. Along with good web designs, it is very important to adopt good search engine optimization practices as well. If the SEO efforts are good, the websites can rank higher on search engine page results, have more reach, and get more leads. Therefore, it is important to have a good website design. Learn about the five biggest mistakes in your website design that can affect your SEO and how to avoid them.

Make sure to subscribe to a reliable internet connection such as Spectrum internet so that your website has a good loading

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How Bad Is Your Internet? FCC Asks the Public to Use Its Speed Test App

To get an accurate picture of broadband quality in the US, the FCC is calling on the public to use its speed test app. 

The app has been around since 2013. But on Monday, the FCC made a new attempt to encourage people to install it on their smartphones. One of the agency’s chief goals under the Biden administration is to create a system that can capture actual broadband speeds across the country instead of leaning heavily on data from corporate internet providers. 

“To close the gap between digital haves and have nots, we are working to build a comprehensive,

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As Bad Information Spreads, Florida Schools Seek To Teach ‘Digital Literacy’

Many Florida high schools now teach a cybersecurity program. There’s a larger plan to help students figure out what is and isn’t true online. Organizers hope it will become a nationwide model.



Think of all the disinformation online over, say, the presidential election or the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s hard enough for adults to sift through all that. So how are kids supposed to navigate the cyber landscape? In Florida, some schools are teaching digital literacy under a program inspired in part by a former director of national intelligence. NPR’s Greg Myre has the story.


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