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Huawei officially replaces Android with HarmonyOS, which is also Android

This morning in a livestream, Huawei officially kicked off the launch of Harmony OS, its in-house operating system and (among other things) its replacement for Android. The company announced a new watch, a new tablet, and a new phone powered by HarmonyOS. The company also said it would be updating a massive list of 100 different Huawei Android phone models to Harmony OS over the next year.

With today’s announcement, Huawei looks like it has two completely different operating systems

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Android 12: 4 hidden features you’re sure to love from day one

Android 12 is (almost) here. 

James Martin/CNET

The first public beta of Android 12 is available for anyone who wants to help Google test the new operating system and has a compatible device. Along with the Android 12 beta, Google announced a slew of new features we can expect by the time the OS is ready for official release later this year, including enhanced privacy controls, a new Android TV remote and the biggest change to the overall look of Android to date. 


Brett Pearce/CNET

As I often say when new operating systems are released, the best features are

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Opera GX Mobile is a browser for gamers and is launching on iOS and Android soon

These days, everything sounds more impressive if you tag the word ‘gamer’ to it. That’s marketing at its best, but even then there comes a point where it feels silly. Specifically, what if there was a browser for gamers? That’s what Opera GX Mobile is meant to be.

For those unaware, the Opera GX was first launched in June 2019 for Windows and Mac. Opera has confirmed that the beta version of Opera GX Mobile is now coming to Android and iOS, with the app becoming available on the app stores in the coming weeks. But if you want

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Fake Apps Masked as Cryptocurrency, Trading, Banking Apps Duping iOS, Android Customers: Sophos

Several counterfeit versions of popular cryptocurrency trading, stock trading and banking apps have been discovered by Sophos on iOS and Android platforms, designed to steal sensitive information. All those who download these fake apps can be potential victims of data theft. Counterfeit apps are impersonating major financial firms and popular cryptocurrency trading platforms, including Barclays, Gemini, Bitwala, Kraken, Binance, BitcoinHK, Bittrex, BitFlyer, and TDBank. Sophos found these fake apps while looking into a fraudulent mobile trading app that masqueraded as one tied to a well-known Asia-based trading company, Goldenway Group.

Sophos says that schemes to distribute these fake apps are

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EA will kick off Apex Legends Mobile regional beta test soon on Android

We have written a couple of Apex Legends Mobile news for quite some time now. This time, the mobile game’s regional beta test will begin soon as confirmed by EA. Here’s everything you need to know about its availability and beta test.

According to EA, Apex Legends Mobile would be kind of a new version as it is specially designed for the mobile gaming experience. We think it shouldn’t be too much different from PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, but Apex Legends gameplay is quite different on the PC so it should be interesting to see

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How to Find Your Lost Android Smartphone and Erase Data Remotely

There have been many instances when we lose our phones, sometimes just in our homes when we can’t remember where we last kept them, and unfortunately sometimes they get stolen or misplaced while we are out. In the former instance, it is easy to find our Android phones using the Find My Phone feature on our paired smartwatch, or just asking someone else to ring it. But if it is lost outside of our homes, then we need a bit of extra help. Fortunately, there is an easy way to remotely find and locate your Android phone, lock it, and

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