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Pharmacy student group aims to bridge the digital divide in health care

The digital divide is cutting many people off from health care. A group of Virginia Commonwealth University pharmacy students aims to bridge that gap.

“We’re trying to help and make an impact,” said Emily Ko, a first-year Pharm.D. student at the VCU School of Pharmacy and co-founder of the student group Pharmacists for Digital Health.

They’re off to a fast start. Formed less than a year ago, the group was named runner-up this May in the national 2020-21 PQA Healthcare Quality Innovation Challenge by the nonprofit Pharmacy Quality Alliance for

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CHIPS for America Act aims to correct computer chip shortage

‘The good news is this is one of those rare, rare points of consensus,’ said Sen. John Cornyn of funding for his CHIPS for America Act.

DALLAS — The global pandemic magnified supply chain problems throughout the world – from medical equipment to computer chips. 

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) arrived in Dallas, Thursday, to say his proposed solution is nearing the finish line.

In January, the U.S. Senate passed Cornyn’s CHIPS for America Act, which proposes substantial financial incentives to increase the production of semiconductors in the United States.

An altered semiconductor supply chain – while of concern to

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Cardano Unveils Mobile Internet Partnership, Aims To Bring Connectivity and Digital Identity to 100,000 People in Tanzania

Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the company building Cardano, says it’s partnering with blockchain-based mobile network World Mobile Group to bring internet connectivity to people in Africa.

The initiative is starting in Tanzania, where it will give 100,000 people living in rural areas digital access to mobile internet, digital identity, and financial solutions. 

The project aims to provide 5G internet access and give customers a blockchain-based platform they can use to verify their identity.

It also aims to bridge the gap between the unbanked and financial products like credit, insurance, and loans. 

Says IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson,

“Taking a stakeholding

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New bill aims to improve internet access in rural communities

John Moolenaar

I have introduced the BOOST Act in Congress to help meet the need for rural broadband access in the Fourth District and across the nation.

BOOST stands for Broadening Online Opportunities through Simple Technologies, and the bill aims to help families in rural areas who do not have access to a reliable internet connection to purchase devices that will help them receive an internet signal or boost the reliability of an existing connection.

I have had many discussions with residents and community leaders of the Fourth District regarding concerns about access to the internet in rural areas. Michigan

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California Assembly bill aims to minimize discriminatory decisions by AI systems used by state

You can’t see algorithms, but they can impact huge parts of your life, from seemingly minor things like what video YouTube will queue up next to life-and-death issues such as whether or not you can get a COVID-19 vaccination. It’s time we had a better idea of algorithms’ impact, particularly when the government is using them.

An algorithm is simply a set of rules used by a computer program to perform a task or solve a problem. While algorithms are coldly mathematical, they are created by humans who, like all of us, can have blind spots, biases or preconceptions. That … Read More

Biden aims to juice EV sales, but would his plan work?

Some buyers would find his offer persuasive. Yet Biden’s goal is a daunting one: Even if Congress approves his $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan, along with its incentives, it would take many years to replace enough internal combustion vehicles with EVs to make a huge dent in tailpipe emissions.

Right now, there are about 279 million vehicles on the road in the United States. The proportion that are fully

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