The Queen derives her proper to rule from the Home of Hanover – whose head turned King George I in 1714.

In 1688 James II, the final Catholic king in British historical past, was deposed in favour of his Protestant daughter Mary and her husband William. They didn’t have youngsters so the throne then handed to her sister Anne (of The Favorite fame) who additionally died childless.

There was concern that the throne would go to James’ son, additionally referred to as James, whose delivery to a Catholic mom had prompted the deposition within the first place. Due to this fact Parliament handed the Act of Succession in 1701 which forbade any Roman Catholic – or anybody married to a Catholic – from ever taking the throne.

This imply when Anne died in 1714, Parliament provided the throne to her second cousin – the Prince of Hanover in Germany – over a lot of her nearer family members.

His descendants would maintain the Hanover identify – and the throne – till 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert and all their youngsters turned identified underneath their father’s final identify – Saxe-Coburg Gotha.

In the course of the First World Conflict, with anti-German feeling working excessive, King George V (the Queen’s grandfather) thought it smart to alter it to the far more British sounding Windsor – after their favorite fortress.

It goes to indicate that though royalties could declare they’re chosen by God – generally they’re chosen by Parliament.