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Unlike conventional manufacturing, additive manufacturing makes it economically viable to supply a high quantity of components the place each one is different. For instance, firms like SmileDirect now use 3D printers to generate tens of 1000’s of molds every day, each custom-made to make an orthodontic aligner for a person individual. In 2020, we expect to see this trend proceed as other industries uncover the benefits of mass customization and the chance to print components that are not easy or affordable to provide using conventional means. Parcel delivery is an business of enormous financial influence, and yet has evolved comparatively … Read More

BVM Now Helping HVAC Service Provider in Florida Rank High in Google

One of the state of Texas’ leading SEO firms is the secret weapon that’s helping a Florida-based HVAC company rank high in the search engines.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 11, 2021 / — Representatives with Brazos Valley Marketing (BVM) announced today that it is now helping a local commercial HVAC service provider in Jacksonville, Florida, rank high in Google.

“We are very excited about this,” said Dustin Ogle, founder, and owner of BVM, a company that has historically provided Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to businesses in 11 cities in Texas (Austin, Dallas, El Paso,

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India’s Internet and Mobile Association (IAMAI) Calls for Regulation not Ban of Digital Assets

The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has appealed to the government not to ban cryptocurrency. This appeal comes as reports continue to gather steam that the government intends to place major restrictions on cryptocurrency in the Asian nation. 

Crypto Regulation Key to Creating a Digital India

According to a report from the local news outlet Hindu Business Online, the IAMAI made this appeal in a statement on Wednesday. The association believes that cryptocurrency has enabled the creation of jobs in diverse sectors, including legal, compliance, tech, marketing, and finance for Indians home and abroad

IAMAI appealed to the

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A guide to SIM only mobile (March 2021)

SIM only mobile (March 2021) is just that. You buy a SIM from a myriad of operators and choose from a plethora of monthly, no-lock in, pre-paid plans. We can’t tell you what is the best or cheapest. There are too many choices with a myriad of short-term promotional rates, variables, extras and conditions.

GadgetGuy’s Guide to SIM only mobile (March 2021) tells you the differences and what to look for. Please use this guide as a tool to help you ‘sort the wheat from the chaff’. If any of the terms we use don’t mean a lot there is

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Delhi court asks police how they plan to access Pracha’s computer data

A Delhi court Friday directed Delhi Police to file its response detailing how it proposes to extract specific data from a hard disk belonging to advocate Mehmood Pracha without disclosing data pertaining to his other clients.

A team of counter intelligence of the Special Cell Tuesday went to conduct searches at Pracha’s Nizamuddin East office in a case related to alleged use of forged documents in judicial records in a Northeast Delhi riots case, but returned after they found the office locked. Pracha’s firm Legal Axis is defending several persons accused in cases related to the riots. The office had

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Google Says Duplicate Content is NOT Penalizing Your Search Ranking

In what is one of the more interesting and debated SEO topics, it turns out, maybe not surprisingly, that as with anything, Google applies judgment and doesn’t automatically penalize duplicate content whether it’s within your website pages or content across the web. John Mueller, the lead of the Search Relations team at Google, recently confirmed that the search engine algorithms don’t negatively score repeated content across pages.

The exact quote:

“With that kind of duplicate content, it’s not so much that there’s a negative score associated with it. It’s more that, if we find exactly the same information on multiple

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The promises and perils of Africa’s digital revolution

A Zipline drone used to deliver medical supplies takes off in Ghana on April 22, 2019. Gavi/2019/Tony Noel via REUTERS

Across the African continent, the relentless spread of networks, sensors, artificial intelligence, and automation is driving a revolution to an unknown destination. Emerging technologies such as CCTV cameras with facial recognition systems, drones, robots, and “smart cities” are proliferating. Digitization is improving government revenue collection and curbing corruption. Cameras and facial recognition technologies are helping authorities respond to terrorist attacks. Drones are delivering life-saving medical supplies. Yet with each advance there is a cost. Sophisticated malware enables novel forms of

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