Netgear Offers New 4G And 5G Router Solutions For Internet Backup

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The NETGEAR LAX20 is a WiFi 6 router with a slot for a 4G LTE SIM as backup and is designed for … [+] those people who absolutely must be online. Netgear This year’s virtual CES has seen network giant Netgear announce a heap of new products ranging from serious […]

This year’s virtual CES has seen network giant Netgear announce a heap of new products ranging from serious business routers, through to devices for gamers and people on the move or located in areas where there aren’t any high-speed broadband networks available.

First up is the Nighthawk LAX20 router which supports the latest WiFi 6 networking technology and delivers up to 1.8Gbps of high-performance WiFi and improved network capacity to handle a greater number of connected devices on the home network. With a backup 4G LTE wireless capability, it can also be used for a faster connection when wired broadband isn’t fast enough, spotty or unavailable. 

Having a consistent and reliable internet connection has come to be regarded as a necessity with the surge of online activity due to the massive increase in work from home, distance learning and video streaming for entertainment. Certified for both AT&T and T-Mobile and other major wireless carriers worldwide, the Nighthawk LAX20 Router can provide Internet access even during a network outage. If the main broadband drops, the LAX20 will seamlessly switch to cellular networks when needed. 

Netgear claims that its new Nighthawk 4G LTE WiFi 6 Router is a great solution for families and anyone who values their Internet access. Additionally, the router comes equipped with NETGEAR Armor for protection against cyber threats. Because NETGEAR Armor works at the router level, any devices connected to the network are automatically protected without the need for antivirus software. NETGEAR Armor is an optional subscription service that may be bordering on essential.

The NETGEAR LM1200 modem is an affordable and reliable Internet connection that uses the 4G LTE network instead of a fixed-line broadband service. This latest 4G LTE modem is certified to work with AT&T and T-Mobile at launch. Netgear claims that the LM1200 can provide a strong and reliable Internet connection using a 4G SIM and then can plug into the WAN port of a WIFi router or mesh network.

Both these two new products are specifically aimed at people who have to be online, no matter where they are or should their main broadband service go down or in the absence of traditional cable, DSL or fiber broadband options. Both units would be ideal for providing Internet access with limited time frames such as a vacation home or a short-term rental where it’s not worth signing up for a long-term broadband contract. 

Finally, Netgear’s new Nighthawk M5 is a portable router-modem that brings together a WiFi 6 network and 5G wireless connectivity. It’s flexible enough to be used on-the-road or for short vacation stays to provide reliable Internet connectivity to multiple devices with the capability to stream HD video or play online games simultaneously. Netgear claims it’s also perfect for mobile and remote workers thanks to its secure, reliable and private WiFi connection. 

The Nighthawk M5 Mobile Router is the kind of gadget that can be useful to be the ideal remote workers and learners or simple as a backup to a home Internet connection. Equipped with a gigabit Ethernet port and external antenna ports, which allow the home user to improve signal reception, the M5 may be small but it packs a lot of power. 

The M5 Mobile Router can be connected to an existing home router, through the 1Gbps Ethernet port, bringing 5G speeds into a home network. The device has a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, which is designed to provide up to 13 hours of use per charge and can also be removed when the router is being used in a stationary location such as a home or office and powered by a regular USB adapter.                                                                                         

Pricing and Availability:

  • The Netgear Nighthawk M5 Mobile Router is currently available from AT&T in North America for $509.99 and will also be available during the first half of 2021 as a retail unlocked device for North American customers. The product is now shipping in Europe for £739 in the UK and €799 in the rest of Europe. 
  • The Nighthawk 4G LTE WiFi 6 Router (LAX20) is available now worldwide and on for an MSRP of $299.99. The 4G LTE WiFi 6 Router is also currently available in the UK for £309 and €329 throughout Europe. 
  • The Netgear 4G LTE Modem (LM1200) is now available in North America for an MSRP of $149.99. The device is expected to be available in the rest of the world later this year.
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