Q: Will I need to purchase a new computer to upgrade to Windows 11? 

A: Many people have written in recently, asking this very question.  

As mentioned in previous columns on Windows 11, the need to purchase a new computer to accommodate the new operating system depends entirely on whether or not your current computer meets or exceeds Windows 11’s hardware requirements.  

If it does, then chances are you will not have to purchase a new system. But it does not, then you may indeed need to plan for this. 

“Surprisingly, Windows 11’s hardware requirements currently support only Gen8 CPUs for Intel processors, which means that even three- to four-year-old laptops may not be able to install it,” says Tony Bergman of Zinstall — zinstall.com — a company specializing in helping people transfer data easily from old computers to new ones. “If your current computer supports Windows 11, you are all set. It will automatically upgrade to it as a Windows update when you’re ready.”