Madden NFL predicted a Chiefs vs. Bears Super Bowl matchup

About a week before Feb. 7th’s Super Bowl LV, the prediction on the winner will be made by Madden NFL, a computer football simulation that has a pretty good success record of picking winners.

The simulation has made an official prediction since 2004 and has been about 63% accurate over those 16 matchups. Sometimes, it even predicted the exact scores, along with the game’s most valuable player.

The Madden NFL prediction for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers v. Kansas City Chiefs contest won’t be out until next week. And while it normally gets a lot of attention each year, there’s another Madden simulation that doesn’t get quite so much notice: The prediction of how the entire season will shake out.

Yahoo Sports has made that a yearly tradition. Madden NFL 21 worked through the entire 2020 season, and wound up sending the Chicago Bears and the Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl.