After the year we collectively had in 2020, there’s nothing better than hearing just how excited SEO professionals are about what lies ahead.

This was a recurring theme in many sessions, live chats, and video networking conversations at SEJ eSummit.

As consumer behaviors and the ways we do business have dramatically changed due to the pandemic, search engines have evolved to stay ahead of the demand.

The SEJ eSummit SEO stage hosted several industry experts and leading brands including CNN, Uber, and Google, who shared their insight and experience on what those changes mean for SEO professionals in 2021.

If you missed eSummit, don’t worry – each and every one of these valuable sessions is now available on-demand.

In this article, we take a sneak peek at some of the presentations on offer and summarize what you’ll learn from them – all via our SEJ eSummit on-demand pass.

Below are some highlights from the SEO Stage and what to expect and learn.


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What Critical SEO Trends Are Vital & What Isn’t Worth Your Time in 2021

Loren Baker and Izzi Smith discuss what Google may be working on next.

Google had the astronomical task of getting ahead of pandemic-related changes in consumer behavior this year.

The search engine was challenged with fact-checking and reporting on both Covid-19 figures and elections while keeping a mass of misinformation at bay.


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In this session, you’ll learn why there were some delays to updates, the importance of the upcoming Page Experience update, and opportunities for ecommerce sites.

This is a great session to get that 5,000-foot overview of what to expect in 2021.

How 2020 Changed the Course of SEO for 2021

Lily Ray from Path Interactive shares insights – in her own unique and memorable way – into how the world has changed dramatically and how SEO changed with it.


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Talking about 2020 through the lens (or glass, should we say) of making a cocktail, Lily takes you through everything that happened in 2020 and how that will impact SEO in 2021.

In this session, you will learn how sites were affected by core updates, how consumer behaviors changed and what to do about it.

Lily’s presentation also contains a heavy dose of insight and information on new Google features and E-A-T, highlighting what winning sites have done to improve.


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How to Use Your Siloed Search Data to Understand Your Customer Better Than Ever

Wil Reynolds, founder of Seer Interactive, hits the siloed data nail on the head. He talks about how search is the voice of the customer at scale in a keynote packed with research, insights, and excellent examples of aligning the customer journey.

Wil shows you how to look at things differently.

In this session, you’ll learn how SEO and business intelligence are powering digital, how best to extract and utilize data, and how to move up the value pyramid.


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Wil also shares why and how our jobs are bigger than just keywords, audits, and content, with tips on opportunities to guide the c-suite in better understanding their customer.

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Web Vitals – a Look Under the Hood of Real Brands

Bartosz Goralewicz, CEO of Onely, takes a good look into new web ecosystems, challenges, and solutions.

Sharing analysis on Core Web Vitals for top eCommerce websites across the world (a sample of 50k+ brands), Bartosz explores the technical details of what you need to do to get ahead of Google’s impending update.

In this session, you’ll learn why and how Google might just shame you into improving your website.


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Bartosz shows how we can make the web a better place and how different brands need to adopt different strategies depending on their audience.

Deep-Diving Into Google’s Core Web Vitals

In the perfect complement to the previous presentation, Bastian Grimm, CEO & Co-founder of Peak Ace AG, takes a deep-dive into hands-on solutions for optimizing your site in 2021.

Focusing on how user experience is the key to performance, Bastian shares how to make technical improvements and what tools and techniques work best.

In this session, you’ll learn the most important measurement scoring metrics and how to get the most out of critical rendering path optimization, image optimization and Google lighthouse, and much more!


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Ask an SEO

Upasna Gautam from CNN and John Shehata from Condé Nast field questions on some of the most important aspects of SEO.

Learn how leading, successful enterprise brands approach SEO in this Q&A session.

Core Web Vitals – Why, What, & How?

Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate at Google, shares how Google views webpage performance and exactly what Core Web Vitals are all about.

Focusing on metrics from time to first byte through to time to interactive, Martin shows you what to test and how to measure for page experience performance.

In this session, learn all about the history of web performance measurements and how you can better measure core web vitals. Understand what real user metrics are and which ones are part of a bigger signal.  


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How to Diagnose the Cause of a Drop In Google Organic Traffic

Marie Haynes shares examples of how analytics can tell stories and how the SERPs have changed over the last six months.

Marie’s presentation takes a detailed look into core updates, and how and why you may have seen a traffic drop.

In this session, learn how Google’s understanding of intent may have changed, plus the role of E-A-T in SEO.


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Marie shows you how to determine why traffic can drop and how to recover. 

Scaling SEO for the Enterprise

Jackie Chu from Uber shares insights into the difference between small scale SEO and enterprise SEO and how to make the leap to managing large and complex websites.

Covering everything from content workflows to technical SEO for large companies, Jackie details what steps to take to scale your SEO for the enterprise.

In this session, learn how to automate internal linking, scale your content strategy, and utilize data and analysis to reduce noise and improve observability.


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Thanks to our amazing sponsors, we have even more presentations containing unique content to check out!

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