Government Demands for Amazon Data Shot Up 800 Percent in 2020

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The last few years have seen a scourge of account takeovers across social media, with no more visible example than last year’s audacious Twitter hack. This week, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok took part in a coordinated action to reclaim hundreds of accounts that had been used to facilitate trading of those ill-gotten handles within the so-called OGUsers community. It’s not going to solve the problem for good, but it’s at least something.

That’s more than can generally be said for streamer donation platforms Streamlabs and StreamElements, which have allowed far-right and white supremacist users to monetize their hate. Both

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How digital networks and data help promote board diversity and bust the ‘pipeline problem’ myth

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Charlotte Guyman.

In the last year, protests against racial inequality and the uneven effects of the coronavirus pandemic have thrust the lack of diversity at the top levels of business into the headlines. Now more than ever, customers, employees and investors are beginning to chastise companies that aren’t making an effort to introduce top-team diversity.

Most recently on Dec. 1 the tech-heavy Nasdaq filed a proposal with the Securities and Exchange Commission that would require companies to disclose their board’s diversity and to have at least two diverse directors. While the proposal remains unresolved, it was the latest high-profile sign

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Trump sought part-ownership in Parler app while in office: report : TheGrio

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Before Donald Trump exited the White House last month, the Trump Organization and Parler social media company negotiated a deal that would have given the former president a big stake in the platform.

Talks of a deal occurred last summer and resumed again after Trump lost his reelection last November to current president Joe Biden. Parler agreed to give Trump a 40% interest in the company if he was willing to post content on the site four hours prior to it being posted to other platforms, BuzzFeed reports.

Although the deal was never completed, legal experts believe the

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Worker deaths put Big Tech in China under scrutiny

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By Vivian Wang, The New York Times

It was 1:30 a.m. just days before the new year, and the 22-year-old employee of Pinduoduo, a Chinese e-commerce company, was leaving after a long day of work. Suddenly, she clutched her stomach and collapsed. Her co-workers rushed her to a hospital, but six hours later, she died.

Less than two weeks later, a young Pinduoduo worker leaped to his death during a brief visit to his parents. The next day, a third employee said he had been fired after criticizing Pinduoduo’s work culture.

The day after that, a delivery driver for

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Microsoft Brings Autofill Password Management Tool to iOS and MacOS

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(Image: Getty Images)

Keychain is a password management tool for Apple devices. It can also store secure information like certificates, and helps people log into websites without re-typing passwords.

Now, Microsoft is looking to bring its version of Keychain, Autofill, to iOS and macOS, AppleInsider reports. It’s set to arrive as part of a Microsoft Authenticator update and as a Google Chrome extension.

Autofill functions similarly to Keychain. It can store account logins and other credentials, as well as reveal password information when needed. Both offer a variety of functions to help keep passwords safe from prying eyes.

Users must

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Why GameStop could fall as much as 85% from current levels in the 2nd quarter, according to a trading-software CEO

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a store front at day: Gamestop. SOPA Images/Getty Images

© SOPA Images/Getty Images
Gamestop. SOPA Images/Getty Images

  • GameStop shares will plunge to around $10-$20 a share by the second quarter of 2021, according to Dan Ushman, CEO of trading-software firm TrendSpider.
  • Ushman told Insider he believes the recent rally “was a carefully orchestrated pump by a large hedge fund.”
  • He also said that he will not be surprised if the shares slip even lower. 
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GameStop shares will plunge to around $10-$20 a share by the second quarter of 2021, according to Dan Ushman, founder and

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