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Haverhill schools reopen Friday after attack on computers | Haverhill

HAVERHILL — After the Haverhill public schools computer system was attacked by ransomware early Wednesday morning, school was canceled Thursday, but classes will be back in session Friday with a mix of in-person and remote learning, officials said.

Superintendent Margaret Marotta said Thursday that the school information technology department has been working around the clock to get the hacked computer system working properly.

“This is a slow and tedious process,” Marotta said about reversing the cyber attack which resulted in the district’s computer systems shutting down. “We expect that by tomorrow (Friday) morning all cloud-based systems (phones, SchoolBrains, email and

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Pa.’s move to new unemployment compensation computer system set for June 8

Pennsylvania’s 16-year-long beleaguered effort to modernize its unemployment compensation computer system is said to have reached the final stage with the plan to go live on June 8.

Acting Labor & Industry Secretary Jennifer Berrier announced on Thursday that is the target date when Pennsylvanians will begin using the new web-based system that is billed as user-friendly for unemployed individuals and employers alike.

It will be accessible on mobile and tablet devices, she said. And it will allow for claimants and employers to receive and respond to alerts from UC staff, file claims, and check the status of a payment,

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C-I prepares students for job opportunities through Career Technical Education program | Free

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Providing opportunities for students to begin their careers following graduation is one of the goals of the Career Technical Education program at Cambridge-Isanti High School.

The CTE program provides students with the academic education, technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners.

The CTE program consists of hands-on learning, relating to careers, life skill development, being relevant and

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FBI arrests man for plan to kill “70% of Internet” in AWS bomb attack

The FBI arrested a Texas man on Thursday for allegedly planning to “kill of about 70% of the internet” in a bomb attack targeting an Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center on Smith Switch Road in Ashburn, Virginia.

Seth Aaron Pendley, 28, was charged via criminal complaint on Friday morning for attempting to destroy a building using C-4 plastic explosives he tried to buy from an undercover FBI employee.

The FBI got wind of the suspect’s plans in January when he revealed his plot on the MyMilitia website using a ‘Dionysus’ handle, a forum used by militia members and supporters

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Shine some light in black box of algorithms used by government

In summary

AB 13 would set criteria to minimize unfair, biased or discriminatory decisions by artificial intelligence systems used by government.

By Ed Chau

Assemblymember Ed Chau, a Democrat from Monterey Park, represents Assembly District 49, [email protected]. Chau introduced Assembly Bill 13 and is chair of the Assembly Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection.

Debra Gore-Mann, Special to CalMatters

Debra Gore-Mann is president and CEO of The Greenlining Institute, [email protected] The Greenlining Institute is sponsoring Assembly Bill 13.

You can’t see algorithms, but they can impact huge parts of your life, from seemingly minor things like what video

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Muhlenberg: Back on Tap for Plainfield’s Planning Board

PLAINFIELD, NJ — Plainfield’s Planning Board will hear from Applicant MBH Urban Renewal, LLC, at its April 15 meeting, according to a legal notice published Monday. The property is located at 1252-1336 Randolph Road, where Muhlenberg Hospital, which closed in 2008, used to operate. The applicant was scheduled to appear before the board in December, but its attorney submitted a letter that same day indicating the application was being withdrawn, with no reason given.

The applicant was seeking amended preliminary and final site plan approval to renovate the existing three-story Muhlenberg Hospital building, known as Building 23, for use as

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