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The Death of Keywords and the Rise of Topics in SEO

Table of contents

  1. Weighing Keywords For Relevance
  2. TF-IDF is Still Important But Problematic
  3. Three Things Keywords Fail to Consider
  4. Switching From Keywords to Entities
  5. What’s The Idea Behind Entities?
  6. Why Tracking Keywords is Losing Ground
  7. Topics: The New Keywords
  8. Topical Research vs Keyword Research
  9. Topical Clusters and The Future of SEO

For ages, search engine optimization (SEO) was all about keywords. They’re a fundamental component of the information retrieval process. So it made perfect sense: search engines crawled, found, indexed, and classified content based on keywords.

Keywords are still important in the way SEO works, albeit to a lesser degree.

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How To Optimize Your Firm’s Website For Rich Snippets

In the past, Google would only produce ten blue links per page as the results of a search query. However, the search engine has evolved to display more and more varied results. It is no longer enough to rank for those ten blue links. 
In today’s search results, there are many factors that businesses, including law firms, need to address and optimize for. Among them are rich snippets.
What Are Rich Snippets?
Rich snippets are Google Search results that are enhanced with additional functionality or data. These results offer more information, are more valuable and exciting. Using rich snippets as

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Marijuana SEO: The Complete Guide to Marketing for Cannabis and CBD Businesses

The American cannabis industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom. The legal cannabis market as of April 2021 is made up of over 10,000 businesses and spans 28 medical and 16 medical/recreational states plus the District of Columbia—ironically, given its uncertain federal status. Only 6 states remain where cannabis is totally illegal.

As the trend toward legalization continues, the space is experiencing rapid growth, with the marijuana industry itself worth $61 billion as of 2021. In 2020, several leading cannabis states—California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington—broke cannabis sales records.

About This Guide

If you’re looking for a trusted cannabis SEO and marketing

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5 Quick Tips For Better SEO Rankings

While search engine optimization (SEO) requires consistent and long-term effort to reveal satisfactory results, you can start from basic and fundamental strategies to polish your pages. Before we get into the details of the on-page SEO tips, we want to stress that a functional, clean and useful website is the key to SEO success because Google constantly updates its algorithm with the purpose of helping customers find the most relevant results.

That being said, your website needs to be optimized to offer the best user experience for the audience to stay on top of the SEO rankings. With that in

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Role of SEO and SEM In Online Business

The ultimate objective of marketers and business owners is to earn profit from their investments. In the digital era, it is based on your business website’s optimization.

The core reason for this focus is the direct relationship between the return of investment and website rankings. According to Backlinko, only 0.78% of searches receive visitors from the 2nd page of search engines. This clearly highlights the significance of search engine ranking for a business.

There are number of strategies that can be utilized for increasing optimization. SEO and SEM are two of the most used strategies in the marketing world

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How ‘SEO Poisoning’ Is Used to Deploy Malware

Fraud Management & Cybercrime
Fraud Risk Management

PDF Documents Stuffed With SEO Keywords Lead to Malware Attacks

SEO poisoning attacks use thousands of PDFs stuffed with links to malware. (Image: Pixabay)

SolarMarker backdoor malware operators are using “SEO poisoning” techniques to deploy the remote access Trojan to steal sensitive information, Microsoft reports.

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The operators are using thousands of PDF documents stuffed with SEO keywords and links that start a chain of redirections eventually

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