The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the company’s most ambitious, productivity-centric smartphone yet. This third-generation model feels more refined thanks to improvements such as an IPX8 rating and S Pen support. It has all the makings of a proper flagship on paper but can it be an option for everyday use or is it still a novelty item? For a lot of people with deep pockets (both figuratively and literally), the big question still remains – does it make sense buying the Galaxy Z Fold 3 over something like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or an iPhone 12 Pro

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Battlefield 2042 is right around the corner, and players have been given more information regarding the Hazard Zone game mode, so let’s get into it.

Apart from the news that Battlefield 2042 won’t have a battle royale campaign at launch, players have been informed that there will be a brand new Hazard Zone mode that hasn’t been seen in the franchise before.

Battlefield 2042 revealed details on their Portal mode, which excited fans of the series, especially with the custom game mode potential. Although the developers have said little about Hazard Zone, new leaks have revealed some interesting details.


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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE launch seems to be just around the corner as a purported quick start guide of the unannounced phone has appeared on the Web, just days after its user manual. The quick start guide shows some of the primary details about Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and gives us a glimpse of its design and interface. In addition to the Galaxy S21 FE as its new “fan-edition” model, Samsung is said to be in plans to upgrade its Galaxy A series by bringing optical image stabilisation (OIS) as a standard feature. The company also appears to be separately

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Battlefield fans have been desperate to see more 2042 gameplay, and DICE has now given us a first-person look at the upcoming Specialists and their abilities.

Rather than the traditional class system, Battlefield 2042 has introduced Specialists. These No-Pat soldiers deviate from the four main classes fans are used to, possessing their own unique traits and gadgets while using any weapon of their choosing.

There will be 10 Specialists at launch, and DICE has now revealed the first five. In an action-packed gameplay trailer released on September 3, we got a first-person look at the first four Specialists released in

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Architect-turned-entrepreneur Manisha Matanhelia’s firm belief is that the kind of environment one lives and works in has a huge impact on the overall health and well-being of an individual – and this set her on an entrepreneurial journey with Synergy Environics.


This Gurugram-based radiation management startup offers products to balance harmful radiations emitted from gadgets and services through architectural solutions.

Manisha began the Synergy Environics journey in 2007 by teaming up with Ajay Poddar, a 1976 BTech graduate in civil engineering from IIT Delhi. The company now has a team of over 70 employees. 

What it does

Environics helps people

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Battlegrounds Mobile India has banned over 336,000 players for using illegal programmes to gain advantage in some form. Krafton shared the development on the game’s official website and said that it has investigated cases between July 30 and August 5. Additionally, the game has crossed 48 million downloads, which is the first phase of its 50M Downloads Rewards Event. The developer has also teased an iOS launch once again, though no date has been shared. Battlegrounds Mobile that replaced PUBG Mobile India was officially released on July 2. Its user base has been growing quite significantly since.

Krafton shared on

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