Akash Patil and Aniket Ghate explains how SEO can grow your business

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Digital marketing has become a new normal for businesses in today’s time and with the right strategy and resources, you can boost your business online to an extent that you cannot do in offline marketing. Two young digital marketing experts,  AkashPati and AniketGhatel who are 26 years and 23 years old respectively started their journey of digital marketing together a few years back, and with sheer dedication and the right marketing strategy, they have expanded their business to new heights. For young digital marketing aspirants, they have been sharing important information and details that they should keep in mind while starting their business journey. While talking to us Aakash and Aniket told us how they used SEO to optimize their business website and a well-maintained website is very crucial for a strong foundation of a business online. They have shared a few points to show how SEO is very important for any business to be successful and grow in the market.

1) SEO helps in driving more traffic to your website. Right SEO helps a business to increase the visibility of itself in the market and make people aware of its brand. When people come across your site at the top, they click on your website and get in touch with you.

2) It builds brand trust among people. The higher your website will rank, the more credible image your company will become in the minds of people. With your SEO campaign, you are creating awareness among people about the quality of your brand and how you can provide people with a positive experience.

3) It helps in building engagement and brings a higher conversion rate. Once you start showing at the top of a search engine, you’ll start getting higher traffic. The more people visit your website, the more engagement you’ll have on your website. You can add landing pages and customized chat boxes for people to take up the conversation further and in such a way potential customers can be converted into sales.

4) The results of SEO are long-lasting. In the start, SEO takes time to build as you still are trying to settle in the Market and trying to adapt to the settings and in that process, many people give up when they cannot see results instantly. You have to remember that it’s a time taking process and once you have established your SEO it will provide you with long-lasting results. You will be able to gain visibility on the platform for a long time that will lead people to know about your site.

5) SEO is cost-effective. Digital marketing tools and techniques can be a little costly and so is SEO in the beginning. SEO is a long term investment. In the starting, you will have to invest money if you are doing it on your own or even if you are hiring an agency but it will give you long-term results saving you a lot of money in the future. It increases your traffic leading your company to earn a high return on investment.

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